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We provide Medicare approved shoes for diabetics!

Malkin's Functional Footwear has been providing expert shoe fitting, fitting shoe prescriptions, and making custom orthotics since 1985. The staff have extensive training and experience with diabetic foot problems such as neuropathy and ulceration. They also specialize in care of the arthritic foot. Many people go to Malkin's Functional Footwear for treatment of athletic injuries, plantar fascitis, heel spurs, neuromas, tendonitis, knee pain, back pain, hip problems, leg length discrepancies, post-polio syndrome, club foot, amputations or to simply walk more comfortably.

Propershoes are always the first consideration at Malkin's Functional Footwear. Many people wear non-supportive footwear, and attempt to have orthotics or modifications added to them which, of course, will not work. Weak or poorly fitted shoes can not offer therapeutic benefit, fix pain, heal wounds, or prevent them. In fact, the shoe is the most important factor! Proper shoes need to have the capacity to hold the heel vertically to keep the foot oriented correctly on orthotics or arch configurations. Shoes should also have a broad "shank" or mid-section to allow proper seating of orthotic devices. The shank should have ground contact such that it can not sag under the middle of the arch support. In addition to that, the shoe needs to have adequate depth in order to accommodate internal modifications and still provide freedom at the toe end. After all of those requirements are met, the shoe must then be correct "last", or shape, for the foot. Determining the proper last requires the most expertise of the fitting process.

Orthotics are not rushed into at Malkin's Functional Footwear. Doing so will not usually work for many reasons. Firstly, most people have a difficult time attempting to go from zero support to maximum support immediately. Gradual introduction of support usually works best. Secondly, arch weakness, and deformity are the primary causes of foot, knee and hip pain. Therefore, many people are casted while their arches are in a low or weak position. The orthotics are then made to a cast of their foot in the same position which causes pain! The trick to getting rid of the pain is to start out with good shoes, and modifications. The pain will subside, and the arches will return to a more normal position, and will provide a much better cast, or mold. Then comes the very important job of the orthotics. They will maintain the foot in the restored healthy position so that the original problems do not return. All of the orthotics at Malkin's Functional Footwear are custom molded and made on premises.

The "Pedorthic" techniques available at Malkin's Functional Footwear can enhance the lives of a great variety of people. Moreover, it is not necessary to have a painful condition in order to benefit from strong shoes and orthodics! Just like exercise and proper nutrition, they can prevent a vast array of problems!

At Malkin's Functional Footwer, great care is taken to ensure that every phase, from shoe fitting to orthotic fabrication, is comfortable, done gradually, and done with innovative technology to ensure the very best Pedorthic services available. (732) 220-1800.


Thanks to Howard and Lance at Malkin's Functional Footwear, I am able to keep working and going to the gym THREE times a week, and I am over 70!
Bernard L.


Lance is a GENIUS!! I've had knee injuries and plantar fasciitis, and he's not only figured out where the pain is, but knows how to help it! I can work on my feet and teach karate!
Victoria S


Thanks to the gentlemen at Malkin's Functional Footwear, I was able to walk through Europe in comfort and style! Yes, style! My sandals and walking shoes were the styles that are all over Europe! Thank you Lance!!
May M.

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