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We specialize in care of the diabetic and rheumatoid arthritic foot. We commonly treat those with plantar fasciitis, heel spurs,bunions, hammer toes, neuromas, tendonitis, knee pain, back pain, leg length differences, post-polio syndrome, club foot, partial amputation, and all athletic injuries We search the world in order to offer an unusually wide array of high quality, fashionable, supportive, and orthotic appropriate footwear. We do all custom work on site.

Custom Orthotics

Our Certified Pedorthist makes custom mold, and creates a CUSTOM orthotic suitable for YOUR foot! 
Our Pedorthist makes orthotics for many different shoe types! We provide on site services to assisted living, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, and private residences. Please call or email our Medicare Coordinator for more information!

Custom Work

Our Certified Pedorthist, Lance Malkin, does all of his custom work in his lab, located at Malkin's Functional Footwear.

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